Friday, April 20, 2012

The making of. Betty Jackson's paper bag Vol.3

"Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical with the desirable."  Donna Karan

The Facts. 

Inspiration : Ready to Wear Betty Jackson Collection A/w 2009/10 

The reason I liked this skirt it's because of its unusual take on a classic shape. I also took advantage of using a little weight fabric that I could wear it during the summer.

Fabric: I bought this at Goldhack road to make muslins/toiles.  £2.5 a metre. A Bargain!

Pattern particulars: The skirt has 2 front panels and one back panel. If I increase the hight I could just turn in to make the casing, eliminating the need for facing. Its pretty easy to sew.

Notions: Thick grosgrain from my stash. I think I would sew a thiner grosgrain for the next version.

 Time to complete: 2 Hours Drafting +1 hour sewing (day 01) +30 min ( day 02) = 3h30m in total

Did it look like the photo? I think It does and would look even more with some modifications. What do you think?

What skills did you use?: Adding an elastic on waist. Try to use blind hem without success.

First worn: April 2012

Wear again? Yes.

Conclusion: The whole process was really fun and I felt really proud of myself for figuring out the pattern. It may be my skirt of choice for the year.



Photo shot: Little digital Samsung P10. The weather in the UK is cold and its raining so much so I had to take some photos on my staircase.

♫: Adele. Someone like you.


  1. SO- so cute!! You did a wonderful job on this skirt.. And the fabric is as cute as can be.. Happy sewing.

    1. Thank you Judy.. i love the yellow flowers of the fabric...

  2. Your skirt is great, I LOVE the contrasting straps detail at the front!

  3. That skirt looks great - you are really becoming a talented sewer Rachel.

    1. thank you Pauline, and feels great to be sharing my growth and learning with my lovely friends

  4. This skirt is so cute Rachel, you've done a fantastic job and you should be very proud of yourself!!!

    1. Thanks Marie. I thinks this is a lovely addition to my summer wardrobe. now we just need the sun !

  5. You did a great job drafting this. It looks awesome on you. Well done!

  6. It looks great! I've told you before, you did a very good job!

  7. FABULOUS! I love the colors you chose and that style is fantastic :) bravo, my friend, on making such a great piece!


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