Sunday, January 01, 2012

Lavender Bag Tutorial

Hi dear readers,

I hope you had enjoyed your New Year plans...  Im snuggling with HRH on the sofa trying to fight out a cold...

I wanted to start the year with a lovely tutorial.

I had made this some time ago ( pre blog existence) and from time to time , they multiply in my wardrobe or I make them to my staying guest as gifts .

I wanted to share this "smelly monster" tutorial. ( This is how HRH call them)


Fat quarters
Matching treads and ribbons
Dried Lavender
Sewing machine ( optional)


1)Make a small pouch by folding the fabric in the middle (right sides together) to make the bottom of the bag, and sew up the right and left sides. ( I normally use left overs, so any reasonable size you have should work for this)

2)Then at one of the corners, put your hand inside of the bag in order to flatten it in the opposite direction
3)Now you are looking at the end of your bag and it should look like a triangle. Center your seam between 
the other 2 sides of the triangle and measure down from the peak the measurement of half the width you 
want the bottom to be when finished. Not hard math- 1 1/2″ if you want a 3″ wide bottom…it will depend 
on the size of your bag.
4)Using ruler, mark with pencil or chalk a vertical line across your “triangle”. This the line that you sew 
your seam across.
5)Repeat for the right and left sides of the bag on the right side of the fabric
6)When you turn the bag inside out it will have 2 square sides.  Sew the bias around.
7) Fill with lavander and sew on top of the bias. Don't forget to add a ribbon.


Happy Crafting!


  1. Happy New Year! Hope you're feeling better soon! I too am fighting off a cold so know how you feel.

    The lavender bags are very cute, you have very lucky guests!

  2. Look after you, hope you feel better soon. Stay warm xx PS thanks for the lovely idea


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