Sunday, November 06, 2011

Whats on my crafting table : Fabric wallet -

Good Morning Dear Readers,

If you looking for some gift ideas today's post is for you.

You will need:
2 Fat quarters ( you won't use it all)
Fusible interface
Bias binding( Optional)

Free Pattern Here:  Password is : Friends of hop ( you may need to type it twice)

How to make it:

Cut the wallet fabric twice or once in 2 different fabrics. One will be your outer wallet and the other your lining. Cut  the outer pattern for the wadding and interface.
You will  apply fusible interface your lining and quilt your wadding & outer fabric. I suggest you baste your project before quilting. Leave aside.
Start your pocket by cutting the pocket pattern and half of th pattern with interface. If you want very stiff you should cut the same size.
Interface the pocket fabric and fold right sides together. Sew edge of the foot leaving a small opening (3cm)
Though the small hole, turn the pocket right side up. Press and sew the corners. If you like bias, you can skip this step and sew the bias instead.

Now potisioning the pocket on the lining fabric side , sew  or baste in place . Positione the elastic (mine was about 4cm) on the outfabric side and sew a few stiches in place.

Once this is done, the outerfabric and the lining facing the right sides together, sew leaving the same small opening. Turn right side, press and slip sticht the opening. You can also aply bias or a decorative Stitch.

Have fun doing it !

Ps: This is a non commercial pattern- all rights reserved.


  1. Love the fabric you have chosen - very festive and instructions as well. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thanks Caroline... Are you sewing xmas gifts?


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