Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Stash busting Mad Men Inspired Sew weekly Challenge & Refashion.

"Follow the yellow brick road"E. Y. Harburg

Yellow Jumper: Wallis (Bought 2007) & Grey Jumper: Gap (Brought 2006). Both were kept on my recycling radar to become something else.

This week challenge was to repurpose something from our homes. As I used all my spare pillowcases (Pillowcase skirt / Pillowcase dresses) already and I didn’t have any other fabric lying around to re use so I digged into my recycling bag.

Inspiration for the styling was MAD MAN sexy Christina

The Result:

Lots of Love,
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  1. Rachel..
    this is beautiful.. Great job.. Love the yellow in it..so pretty..Happy sewing.

  2. Looks fabulous!! The yelloW and grey work so well together, and being knitted is very flattering. good job!

  3. LOVE this! Brilliant inspiration!

  4. It was a bit of a gamble to make this refashion as I wasnt sure my vision would materialize the way I imagined but Im please it worked in the end.

  5. hey sexy chica...lol...is that a dress? if not is the skirt also from the grey jumper? I love the colour combination.

  6. Are you entering this in the PR refashion contest? Because I think you have a winner there!

  7. Very chic and love the pop of colour. Christina is gorgeous isn't she.

  8. Dibs, it's a jumper... I'm posting the behind the seams lol photos when I got the time...

    Jilly, tell me more... I'm intriged...

    Gail, she is a great inspiration for woman ...

  9. Pattern Review has a contest going right now for refashioned items - but Tuesday is the last day, so you would need to enter it NOW! It looks to me like your jumper would qualify.

    I've entered contests there before - it's just a couple steps more than writing up a normal review - I think you should do it!

  10. GREAT refashion! Im in the contest too - but I think you are going to win : )

  11. You will be glad to know I took 3rd place. Thank you for voting for me. xx


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