Monday, October 10, 2011

TED & Bobble . Tissue holder tutorial and a bow tie.

Im so sad as its time for Ted & Bobble to leave me to another lovely lady. To make our last night special we made a tissue holder tutorial ( of course tears will be involved tomorrow) and Ted got a little bow tie to match to add to his building wardrobe. 
Ted is very proud of his work.

Now for the tutorial,you will need :
40 cm of fabric (If you want to add contrast like me, use two)
Thread & needle
Sewing machine( optional)
2 buttons

Cut 2 square of 17.5 cm and sew a quilter foot around leaving a gap to turn
Turn right sides out  and hand sew the gap and press. Then use decortive stitches on the borders. I like using the edge of the foot as guidance.

Measure 5 cm both sides, mark and sew a knot by hand to hold it in place.

Fit the tissues and sew the buttons on the wrong side as they will close the tissues box for you.

TED& Bobble still sponsoring a sewing machine cover draw: 
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If you dont sew, please still donate and add on my page comments ( no sew) to have a change to win a suprise prize ! This will  now run until end of October!

Just help this amazing cause ! Good luck and hope you  had enjoyed our adventures together !

He looks so handsome in bow tie.

Lots of Love,


  1. Hehe, this is such a cute and funny tutorial, thank you! I hope blogger starts working for you again so you can get back to your favourite blogs...

  2. I'm gona have a go at making this and as you know I am a complete beginner!! Silly question but what is a quilters foot? And would it be ok to use a thick raw silk material instead?

  3. Hun, I don't recommend using silk or floaty fabrics because they don't press well.

    I sent you a photo of a quilters foot on twitter xx

  4. Thanks so much for this! I can't wait to try it!

  5. Thank you. if this keeps my tissues from getting dirty and messy in my purse I'd be very happy.

  6. thanks for sharing this tissue holder I have look at a lot but yours is one of the cutest I can't wait to make some for my Red Hat Sisters

  7. Love this idea - many thanks for sharing your how-to.


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