Friday, July 08, 2011

Sheathsonize me

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."

Here are the Facts:

Fabric: Linen (black and hand printed) Cloth House
Pattern: McCall’s 6028
Notions: 24 Inc zipper and matching thread
Time to complete: 7 hours
First worn: 2011
Wear again? Yes with  further modifications
Total Cost: £40
Pattern alterations or any design changes: Bust alteration and added 3 Inc in body length. I followed their recommendation on the sizes but now its ready I feel its too loose and I should take in more– I will add a belt for the moment ( I will be making one with the left over panel fabric)
Conclusion: I felt in love when I saw this pattern on the internet, as it not always you like the photo in front. This is a timeless shape (Sheath) so I thought the price was a good investment and the 4 variations were cute. I to choose to start with B (with the contrast panel) and used linen as its very breathable fabric, great to keep me cool in the summer. The disadvantage of using linen as it doesn’t shape very well. I don’t normally follow the pattern instruction and worked fine for this pattern, the only time I really had to refer to it was when I needed to sew the facing and the instructions were clear. So I would recommend and say it’s a good pattern.

Now on Ruth !

She needed socks to fill up !!!
happy sewing !


  1. Haha I've ended up putting an old bra stuffed with fabric scraps onto Maybell (my dummy). Love the dress, the panel fabric is gorgeous :)

  2. ehehehhe yes... we need to find creative ideas to make ours manequims look more like us...

    Thanks, I loved the fabric of the panel...

  3. thank you Erica. I love the fabric but I am unsure about this pattern !

  4. Gorgeous! I love that you can get away with a small amount of fabulous fabric by limiting it toa single panel down the center front. I'm always spending more money than I should on my fabrics (but I love working with nice quality), so this would be a way to make the most of a nice design. How much fabric did you need to make the front panel? Is it all one piece or could you piece it together from less yardage? Thanks!

  5. Hi Amy. The front panel was one yard. It's one piece butvim sure u can piece other smaller pieces like a patchwork....

  6. This is a really cute dress and I absolutely love the contrasting zipper in the back! The fit is perfect on you! Great job!

  7. Lovely dress! Both fabrics are well chosen! It's really terrible effective! I love it!


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