Thursday, May 26, 2011

Designer profile- Martin Margiela

Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer that worked at Jean Paul Gaultier before launching his own label in 1988.The most intriguing fact I found about him was that he famously never appeared on the runway. So he can be anyone. How fun to be that creatively famous and still incognito.
His creations are known for their mixture of innovation and wearability, for his ingenious solutions to how a garment's essential elements can be re-imagined.I’m sure you can see a common thread in my designer choices as I keep choosing designers that push boundaries between art and fashion.
I was so inspired by his ability to look beyond the garment and fabric and destroying it to create someone else completely out of the box. Would you imagine using socks as based for a jumper/sweater? Yes, he did it in 1991.

You may be able to call it recycling, but the result goes beyond anyone imagination.

Here is my interpretation on his 1991 sweater out of socks. And blimey, they keep you warm!

London Inspired

I could not resist to do another one.

The Facts:Fabric: 3 pairs of socks – size 4/7 each jumper- note to self (use bigger socks)
Patterns: None
Notions: NA- used parts of the socks
Time to complete: 30 mins each – ohhh bliss
First worn: May 2011- London Jumper
Wear again? Sure, during winter only.
Total Cost: ~£4 for the socks(london Jumper) + thread
Other jumper were made from models own socks . ( better keep the sock drawer locked)

  (Tutorial to come further in the year)

I also could not resist pick best look for his fall 2011 collection !

see you tomorrow xx


  1. I love this sock sweater, Rach. You did a fine job. You sew with such exuberance!

  2. This is my all time favorite project


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