Monday, September 22, 2014

Mix print Clover

I have a complete different look (for me) to share with you... I have sewn a loose shape dress and let me just let it out: I love it. So much I already sewn another version and I'm trying really hard to not  sew only this dress in case I run the the risk people thinking I have something to hide... lol! Nope!

I only wear loose shapes belted but the secret to avoid loose shapes looking potato-sack-like is to have it well fitted at the neck and shoulders.

The clover dress pattern is the newest pattern from Papercut (with Brooke Tyson). An actual RTW dress from her collection made available as a paper pattern. Yeah! 

The raglan sleeves when sewn are a bit kimonish but the bust inset makes the pattern so versatile. Specially to mix prints. Those fabrics were bought with completely separate plans. The graphic silk print was the most recent purchase {1 metre bought in Portugal}. The red dots  was acquired during this trip in 2012.

The idea to mix those prints actually started because the main fabric I wanted to use wasn't enough. Like always, I tend to buy too little fabric. 

Situations like that tends to stretch my creativity. It's a creative process. My mind loves fixing problems. I love working under pressure. Some of you said they loved how my work had flourished during the project sewn competition.

By breaking this print in a drop waist curve reinforces my intention. Feels modern! This was a very easy sew and I recommend for total beginners. Size wise my usual papercut size: Small. I been wearing with a belt and it will be perfect to layer for this transition fall weather.  

Have you been trying different outfits and styles that you aren't used to? Have you been surprise by something unexpected that you sewn or bought lately?

Friday, September 19, 2014

Studio Take over: Tilly Towers

So you have heard, there is a new studio in town. What a better 'inauguration' opportunity than call your friends over for a sew in sunday! More like a studio take over: Tilly Towers is officially the best place in town!

We took our personal projects, favourite bits and bobs {my stitch in the ditch presser feet caused a little stir} and food... a lot of food (just a small representation pictured)

There are homemade sausage rolls peeps!
Janene, Jane, Winnie and I meet at the station. I'm awful for directions and my answer to everything is grab a taxi... Lucky a nice guy gave us direction and we had Jane's drawn directions on her notebook to keep us in check. We arrived after a short walk and were taken inspired by the building industrial clean look. Very fashionable for small creative business. Forgot to take a picture as I just wanted to go in and have a cuppa.

What a "in brand' tea lady... seven normal teas and one earl grey please.

Alana so kindly set it up all our machines so we were really set to go. 

What projects were we working on? Hear from everyone here and here. 

As you can see, we have actually sewn! Some did anyway... I was too busy being Me and didn't kept still. Poser!

Took a little while for me to sort out my bobbin... it keep loading unevenly. Any excuse to just not keep quiet! GBSB wouldn't never let me join... LOL! "30 minutes to go and Rachel still on that bobbin..."

Maybe I should have followed Karen's lead by bringing some knitting.

She wasn't the only one.

I went home with my project almost finished with only facing and hemming to do.  Both me and my twin were using the same chambray, just in a different shade, and wearing blue "ikat" print.

Loved watchings those ladies in action... how awesome is Katie's print? She does have a great taste in fabric. Watch for the outfit I will make with what she gifted me. (fabrics not pictured) 

I left the day with 3 lovely pieces of fabric... So much for a fabric diet! Freya arrived late to the party but gave us some insights on what she is working on. It's a treat!

We close this lovely sunday with some bubbly.


It was one of my favourite weekends. A sewing holiday needs to happen!

I got a little game for you... Can you guess the owners of those adorable pincushions? 

Pincushions do tell a story don't they? Share yours #takeoverpincushion 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Jumpsuit OTD: Simplicity 1371 Cynthia Rowley

One more jumpsuit? Oh YEAH! I been in love with this top and trousers combo since It was launched. I always loved Cynthia Rowley designs (my first skirt was 2512) and knew exactly how I wanted to change the pattern into an one piece.

Fabric is a delicious cotton sateen from Fabric Godmother {Murad}. The "ikat" print is really fun and the fabric wears well. I didn't worry about print placement and worked.

Let's talk about the sizing, patterns peculiarities and alterations. I made a size 12. The only alteration was to lengthen the bodice view A to meet the trousers waist, ignoring the waistbands. I did sewn the crotch curve 1 cm instead of 1,5cm because jumpsuits need a little more wiggle room. I can confirm I can seat ( and sew) very comfortably.

The trousers curve is very high. I am just making a chambray version and have eliminated the waistband . So if you are short on that area you may need to adjust the pattern.

Sewing tip: Even though cotton sateen has good recovery I like to stabilise the crotch. You can either use stay tape (help you see where you stitching), rayon tape  like snug hug seam binding- my favourite or If you sewing something like ponte pants you may prefer using a 1/4 clear elastic.

Sew or baste your crotch curve and once you are happy with the shape, place the tape on top of the stitching line and stitch on the same line. Bonus points; double security on your seam so less risk of bursting your trousers! You can overlock  the edges of both the trousers and the binding.  Because this is so soft I didn't cut small, but you can use just 1/4 ( 0.6 cm) 

I was pleasantly surprised how comprehensive the instructions were. I followed the construction order pretty closely. The jumpsuit is closed on the size with a navy invisible zipper.

Not only as the front has a cute cutout, the back is pretty awesome too!

One thing I learned from this project is that the pattern pleats would be more suitable on a draper fabric because they look a bit raised. As this fabric print is very busy, the effect isn't a problem.

I'm so in LOVE with this outfit... I'm hoping the weather will hold warm a little bit longer.

If you liked my version don't miss Dixie original version of this pattern. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

It’s a beginners world

Type ‘beginners how to’ and millions of search results will appear. Try to search for something a little more advance and nothing… well, some stuff will appear but not related to what you want… That’s because most people (and companies) concentrate on providing information for the entry level of any market. Doesn’t matter what sector, catering for beginners always seems the most attractive point of entry or marketing strategy.

SEO and social media push “search-ability/ Pin-ability” so as many people get traffic by providing free information for a wider group.
Helps create a relationship with the user.
Beginners content is available… no need of an expert to just repackage into something.
Get’s the finance: the YES from directors, stakeholders! It’s risk averse people!

Don't beginners go and develop and became improvers? they do but they don’t need attention, do they?- read it in a satirical voice 

With sewing this gap is too close to my heart.

I understand the financial implication of WHY makes sense to cater for the wide world… let’s be honest here… home sewing has been growing ( thanks to popularisation of TV shows and the increase of 'coolness' factor) but still a pretty small niche market.

And if we segment it by age, motivation, spare income etc…

Not everyone that get excited about the idea of sewing will actually became fanatic about it. Seems like so many of us because its easy to find each other but there are a bunch of people that see and act  about sewing differently.

When I get asked to review sewing products, books, patterns, magazines... there is a little bit of hope that I will be surprised by something more challenging. 

During my blog life I have been approached by different publishers about writing a sewing book. I get excited, start planing based on the scope agreed but after a few meetings It’s obvious that they don’t want a more advance book. I than say: Thank you so much for the opportunity.  And we part ways with a reminder that if they ever need someone that has a different point of view on what people want in a book, they could call me back! 

I’m not saying I’m an expert. So many people have been sewing a lot longer than me. I’m saying I got something else to bring to the conversation. I really applaud people that ventures on more advanced market.

In a way blogs have filled some part of the market desperate for something others that sewing for total beginners as much as they filled with 'how to' tutorials.

Could we run the risk of sewing blogs going to dark side and only write for the beginner sewist? Thankfully there are too many of us that think otherwise!  I honesty love real sewists info exchange!

Do you have a view on this subject? What would be your personal expectations?

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Readers asked: The answers

Hey darlings,

Sorry for the lack of verbs, bad pronunciation and overly nonsense!